This American Moment

The "Fearless Girl" statue on Wall Street was created for Women's History Month. State Street Global Advisors installed "Fearless Girl" in an effort to inspire more companies to add more women to leadership roles. They also sent a letter to 3,500 companies urging them to add more women to their boards. Did you know that from those companies 1/4th of them don't have any women on their boards at all? With much fight, the fearless girl statue persisted to stay past the month, until April 2nd. Now, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that she would stay until early next year… maybe, hopefully forever. The statue, in case you haven't seen it, is a girl standing in front of a charging bull. When I visited this "Fearless Girl" myself, I got emotional. Seeing her stand with such confidence right in front of the "Charging Bull" statue reminded me of what I'm most passionate about- women/girls and the role they can play in this world. When I was there, mostly women were gathered around the girl and mostly men were gathered around the bull. One woman next to me in her late fifties started to cry. The men at that particular time I chose to visit were all posing with the bull, and many of them wanted to be photographed grabbing the bulls balls. The circle of women gathered around the little girl were so overcome with emotion… many started to cry, leaving many of their sweet husbands left trying to comfort them. Watching this dynamic only reminded me that there is so much left to be done in the world. When the majority of men wake up and also feel as passionate as the women do about the role women could be playing for the greater whole, only then will the world reach its greatest potential.. We need both. And to the men out there that have been feeling this, and advocating for women and girls, God bless your evolved souls. We thank you. It's not going to happen without you. So for all the ladies out there, being an empowered woman starts with being a fearless girl. Let's all be fearless and courageous together. #FemaleEmpowerment #WomenSupportingWomen #FearlessGirl #MenSupportingWomen #BetterWorld

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