Turn of Phrase

Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus were presented with an impossible problem by the rise of Donald Trump. If they enabled him, he’d lead the party to disgrace and defeat. If they battled him after he’d won the most delegates, they’d split the party—and accelerate defeat into disaster. Blame them for choosing wrong—but don’t forget that the circumstances of their choice were not created by themselves, but by millions of voters, most especially the right-leaning independents allowed to vote in GOP primaries.

Via I’m Still a Republican—and I’ll Fight to Reclaim My Party by David Frum published by The Atlantic on July 1, 2016.

There is much to dislike about Paul Ryan’s policy positions. But I share David Frum’s view that both Mr Ryan and Reince Priebus were put in an essentially impossible position. Their decision making process is a reminder that in complex organizations, often the decisions facing leaders are between options that are objectively “very bad”, “truly horrible”, and “a nightmare to navigate”.

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