Turn of Phrase

This is not, Brooks argues, a matter of an overarching political consensus; it’s a matter of a shared moral idiom. If the American public is not overwhelmed by outrage, and is capable of generating the political capital and political will for cooperative solutions and compromise, that’s because there’s a common understanding and common way of talking about moral priorities in political life. “When the moral consensus collapses, and we’re not talking about pushing opportunity to the people who need it the most, but rather militating for my rights, what happens?” he asks. “Opposing viewpoints hit each other head-on and become an ideological holy war, and that’s what we see.”

Via Why Is Populism Winning on the American Right? by J.J. Gould published on July 2, 2016 by The Atlantic.

The Brooks being quoted above is Arthur C. Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute.

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