Turn of Phrase

Mr. Trump is unfit for our nation’s highest office. But to those humiliated by defeat, he promises we’ll win again. To those discouraged by a government unable to care for the people it sent to war, he promises to take care of our veterans. To those voters furious at politicians who sent their children to fight and bleed and die in Iraq, he tells them what no major Republican politician in a decade has said — that the war was a terrible mistake imposed on the country by an incompetent president.

Via Why Trump’s Antiwar Message Resonates with White America by J.D. Vance published April 4, 2016 by the New York Times.

Many of the American elite who read the above passage when it was first published in the New York Times likely dismissed the relevance of anti-war sentiment among Donald Trump’s supporters in favor of the narrative that Trump supporters are primarily motivated by racial animus. The truth is that Trump supporters are motivated by a range of issues, and elite thinkers who dwell exclusively on the very real propensity for racism among Trump supporters will fail to understand the other signals that are emanating from his campaign.

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