This American Moment

It's not the weapon, it's who you give it to. Every time a tragedy like the one in Orlando happens, call it Africa, call it Mexico, call it Paris, Lebanon, Syria, Christina Grimmie, Rapist Brock Turner's victim, the world bleeds a little more. My question is how many more lives need to be taken in order for our governments to take on the responsibility of doing something about it and not just campaign in their benefit? My only response and proposal is to begin with ourselves, begin at home and choose your weapons wisely. I choose love, I choose light. We are stronger and better than all this hate. My prayers are risen today in the name of all who have been affected by these events, especially the LGBT community in #Orlando LOVE LOVE LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL 🙏🏼✨💜 P.s. No, I'm not speaking and will not speak against any religion in specific but I will say this: It is not a time to be "holier than thou" in the name of ANY religion. The most terrible atrocities have been caused in the name of religion. At the end of the day it is the institutions of these religions built by humans that have taken religions out of context and taken to a ridiculous point of extremism and intolerance. If your religion requires you to stop thinking for yourself, hate anyone or kill anyone, it's wrong. Period.

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